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Diners can just admire the performances inside the grill, just to feel

sound, taste, and flawless cooking takes place right before our eyes.

With teppanyaki, the craft of your own are excellent chef seemed a whole

most integrity. From the West, a unique culinary style was introduced in Japan this year

1945, when the Misono restaurant chain creative style dishes grilled steak sautéed strange. Also

since then, teppanyaki became popular with Japanese people, and restaurant teppanyanki back

the interesting tourist destination diners attracted both foreign and native.

In Japanese, teppan means wok or grill, and yaki means grilled or sauteed is. These

ingredients commonly used in Western-style teppanyaki are beef, shrimp, scallops, lobster, chicken and

mixtures of vegetables. And oils used in the preparation of this material was oil deposit

relative. Meanwhile, Japanese teppanyaki style, in addition to these components, while using and

fried noodles (yakisoba) or cabbage with sliced ​​meat or seafood (okonomiyaki), vegetable oil,

animal fats, or grease and oil mixture. Furthermore, many Japanese teppanyaki restaurant to impress

separate with premium Kobe beef, which customers can search difficult anywhere. Served with

Meat is the green bean sprouts, zucchini, garlic fees, fried rice and sauce. Made from bean sauce

special soy preferred natives.

Wok to implement the teppanyaki is cast iron pan or steel with thickness of about 8cm ideal,

help retain heat and fireproof dish. Oven is located right in front of diners. There they

can witness firsthand from preparation to cooking ingenious fresh ingredients

right on the stove. Best of all, the experienced chef will "entertain" vision for the

knife dance, juggling material, combined cooking performances in the smoke spiraling up.

Not only that, people enjoy longer be required to add spices or select reproducibility / ripe for dishes

eat tastes.

The teppan pan is like the vast world for standing kitchen creativity and expression spoiled

place, but always latent risk of hot, scalding. They must know adjustable hot grill

(Modern-teppanyaki grill with propane plane using heat) to ensure ripening

splash food without lube. On the other hand, "special artist" had to watch coming

put the material on the pan so fit, reasonable and beautiful.

Teppanyaki is a compound word formed from two Japanese words: "Teppan (iron plate)," and "Yaki

(Grill). " Meals may include beef, chicken, lobster, fish, scallops and

side dishes like vegetables, fried rice. Sauces and condiments that came with salt and pepper makes

dish flavor becomes more distinctive. Teppanyaki cooking style based on

Okonomiyaki traditional cooking methods of the Japanese, means "cooked anything

you like". In Saigon, if such ban 5muon61 enjoy cooking style

This exciting, you definitely should not ignore Kobe Teppanyaki restaurant

13A Tu Xuong, Ward 7, District 3, HCMC.

Kobe Teppanyaki restaurant is built on the foundation of an ancient mansion,

Western architecture combined with ancient Asian style makes

restaurant space becomes more interesting. The restaurant has 3 floors with 10 private rooms

special, decorated furniture and arrange the dishes properly Japanese cuisine

Japan, on each table decorated with a vase of flowers cleverly silk and a

Japanese kimono doll charm.

The ground floor is an elegant VIP lounge area with soft warm colors,

spontaneity can accommodate about 8 people. Private VIP room inside the can

accommodate 18 guests and this room has wooden walls to separate compartment on request

diners needs. This will be the ideal space for diners had

Women can observe the chefs are cooking, but you can watch

natural landscape outside through the glass exterior throughout. The largest room

the restaurant is located on the first floor can accommodate about 22 diners with two goals

Teppanyaki and wine cabinets. The second floor is a bar area serving

sushi. Here, guests will admire the variety of live fish

raw fresh sushi rolling together the talents of chef skillfully.

Come to Kobe Teppanyaki, diners will enjoy a quintessential wet

Japan made a fullest. Through a bridge as table

Teppanyaki restaurants Kobe wants facilitates connections enthusiasts

love Japanese food becomes familiar. Soft hands of female chef

experienced with the technique talented, skillful and artistic talent informal arrangement

art food, diners will feel like they are enjoying food

not only verbally, but also visually exploring the culinary culture of origin

of cherry blossoms.

Kobe Teppanyaki restaurant serving mainly steak with raw cow

are imported directly from Australia. Kobe beef is evaluated based on factors

such as fat, tenderness, taste and proportion interwoven between muscle fibers and fat ... from there,

Kobe beef is divided into 5 categories from A1 to A5. In addition to beef, Kobe

Teppanyaki also other dishes such as Japanese Pizza, sushi. udon, ... and ice cream

Ouiches imported from Germany. Kobe Teppanyaki also serves diners

office with the "set lunch" very attractive from Monday to Friday each week.

"Get together to share new experiences with Kobe beef

A5 premium and fresh wasabi root and pink Himalayan mineral salts at home

Kobe Teppanyaki restaurant "

Sounds crackling and fragrant flavor emanating from the upper Kobe steak

Rating inviting diners. Besides processing techniques, the restaurant is also very interested

importance to the "beauty" of dish right from the selection of raw materials, processing

and cooking of staging professional female chef. Diners can just dream

level performances inside the grill, feel the sounds, flavors

and cooking takes place days before his eyes. And the rooftop A5 Kobe beef pieces

delicious classes are laid out, plus a sweet spicy flavor concentration of roots cool bar

Fresh and salty bar Wasabi of pink Himalayan salt minerals, diners immediately

News will be impressed and satisfied completely. Customers not only can

enjoy the taste, aroma and soft as Kobe beef melts in the mouth of the upper

class, diners can enjoy the sweet, fresh and fragrant lobster

Canadian, Japanese oysters, Australian abalone, hake and extensive menu of sushi and

sashimi at restaurants.

With the stylish design in each separate room, a restaurant where the choice of

perfect for family meals or gatherings need space

own. We always strive to give customers a feeling of comfort

Best, most comfortable while enjoying a meal.

Come and enjoy the cozy, luxurious villa of a French side

Signature side dishes!

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