Kobe beef


What makes Kobe beef so special?

Many people talk about Kobe beef as being one of the best meats in the world but what makes it so special?
First it is exclusive. Only a very small perecentage of cows in Japan are Tajima-gyu cattle, from which the Kobe beef comes from.
Second, its is graded to make sure that the quality stays high. At Kobe we only serve A4 and A5 Kobe beef which means all of our beef is graded either 'Above Standard / Excellent' or 'Above Standard / Good'.
Finally the cows from which the beef comes from must only have been fed grasses and grains during its life meaning the quality of the meat is higher, and the cow is much healthier than those that may have been fed inorganic food.
But to understand the true value of Kobe beef you must try it. Enjoy the rich, buttery flavour of this exclusive dish at Kobe teppanyaki today
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